You can sum me up in two sentences:  “She woke up one morning and finally knew how magnificent He is, how he created her to his perfection and how much he adored her.  From that point forward this was all that mattered to her and everything she said or did started there.”

Hi, I’m Tokunbo!  I am the wife of an amazing man and a mom to five wonderful kids. I make most of my income contracting real estate services. At the start of this blog, I am currently working on my first book, my first real estate investment project and I plan to get my private pilot’s license by the end of the year.  In my “free time”, I love to repurpose furniture and put together jigsaw puzzles.

About this blog:

Welcome, I am so glad you are here! Every word typed was sent to you with love beyond measure. I pray that you will feel this love as you read the words on this blog.

This blog is about a raising a family in a loving home, building a successful business with integrity and navigating through life as a lover of Christ.  You’ll read just about anything here; the consequences of forgetting to put a dollar under the pillow for the tooth fairy, kindly negotiating the very best deal on everything, or about making our nest uncomfortable for my lovely 19-year-old. Mostly you will read about God’s love, his sustaining grace, and his wonder!

I was inspired to start this blog after I attended a conference and a very brave lady was so transparent about a private situation she overcame. I knew that she shared because she loved Jesus and she loved us.  She left a huge impression on me and I decided that I would also share some everyday challenges that I’ve overcome and things I love about life to show my love for you and my friend, Jesus.

I hope you laugh a little, feel my love and find some peace here to make your gift of life a little brighter.