I’ve decided NO to the apple

Dear Enemy Of My Soul,

I’m glad I asked you for a little more time to think about your offer.  The suggestion you said would make me happier and my life easier.

Well, while I was thinking it over I heard a small voice say “just trust me”.

I wondered what this really meant since my circumstances seem to require more than just trusting.  This thing in my life appears to need an immediate fix.

Although I  want instant relief from this suffering, I’ve decided to trust him.  So I said yes, even though I have no idea of what will be required.

After I said yes he told me you were lying anyway and you were trying to trick me into thinking I would have what I really wanted, but the truth is you would forever dangle the carrot of release in front of me until you’ve stolen, killed and lied about everything I love.

He also said you weren’t my friend that you are actually the enemy of my soul and you want me to think I have to fix my situation myself, but truth is he has already finished the work to give me victory now and eternally.

So, no, I don’t want any solutions you are offering and I don’t believe the lies you are telling me.  I am not fighting anything anymore, I have decided to be still and watch him fight for me.

Worse for you, I’ve told some of my sisters about what you have been doing and I found out you’ve been doing the same to them.  Now we’ve decided to stand together in unity against you—the real problem in our lives.

We will praise our Father in heaven and encourage each other as we trust his plan for our lives and look forward to our expected end.

Join us tonight, March 22, 2017, on Lovetalk from 6:15 pm – 6:45 pm EST as we continue our 21 days of completely surrendering our whole hearts to the Lord.

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“Rend your hearts not your garments.  Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and relents from sending calamity.  -Joel 2:13 NLT

Loving you,