The Great Exchange

I never want anything bad to happen to me.  However, my savior promised to exchange his beauty for my ashes so even during painful situations I get to behold his beauty.  As I think back about moments in my life when I am keenly aware that Jesus came through for me.  It’s usually not the times when everything is going perfectly that stands out the most.

I was more aware of this great exchange when things were going horribly wrong.  When faced with life and death situations or when bitterness, hopelessness, and depression threatened to overtake me.  Like the day I was standing in a hospice room while my dear friend was slowly slipping away and I could feel my heart painfully cracking with each lazy breath.  I wondered how I would go on in life without her or if I would ever heal from the trauma.  Then the comforter he sent showed up.  In time, I became better than ever and grateful to have known my dear friend.

I remember the day when the doctor office called and said I needed to come in and discuss my test results right away.  I pleaded with him to intervene and he did.  Over the course of several months, the words mighty healer has new meaning to me.

When I was in the delivery room and everyone was panicking and I was keenly aware that this was the point where babies don’t make it and parents are forever ruined. In the midst of beeping hospital machines and urgent conversations among the medical team, I begged for his mercy and he came through.  He reminded me that He is the resurrection and the life. My daughter was born healthy and strong.

When the faced with betrayal and malicious accusations from someone I loved deeply, I didn’t know how or even want to forgive.  Jesus showed up again and led the way, gave me the grace to forgive from my heart, and reminded me to extend the mercy I’ve so freely received.

It’s during these time when he comes to collect my ashes that I am so amazed by his beauty. I could never imagine my life without the circumstances that created a deeper intimacy with my Lord and left me with unspeakable joy.

So, while I don’t want to experience pain, disappointments, failures, betrayal and emotional turmoil.  When my savior shows up and I get to meet him one-on-one and encounter him, to know once and for all that there’s none like him, there’s nothing that he can’t do and there’s nothing the two of us can’t get through together.  Well, I’ve come to know this supersedes any pain or emotional turmoil.

So, I encourage you to hold on because buckets of ashes get turned into buckets of beauty here on earth and eternally.

Be blessed beloved!