And I too, will not forget you!

So many times the bible recounts God’s promise to remember us.  We read about times when he remembers people who were waiting on him like Hanna or the children of Israel when they were under heavy affliction in Egypt.

In my own life, I have countless stories of times God worked out situations on my behalf.  The stories are most moving to me when I find out the details it took for the blessing to come to pass without my knowledge or involvement.  So I’m sold –I know God will always remember me.

Today, however, I want to turn it around and promise never to forget God.  To remember what he has done for me during the times I find myself in seemingly impossible situations or when I’m faced with a conundrum

I will remember how he has proved himself to be the God which nothing is too hard for when he saved my daughter’s life during complications at the time of her birth.  I will remember that he is the God who hears when I asked from the depth of my soul for him to intervene in certain situations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I think everything will always go my way, it does mean I will always pray and wait until his will is clear in the matter.  I think its the least he deserves from me for him past faithfulness.

Can a mother forget the infant at her breast, walk away from the baby she bore? But even if mothers forget, I’d never forget you—never.           Isaiah 49:15 MSG










What Happens Next?

Today I realized there is a correlation between forgiveness and surrender.  I’ll start with a short story on forgiveness.  After finding myself in a situation where I needed to forgive the same person again.  I started thinking like Peter when he asked Jesus if he should increase forgiving someone to seven times as opposed to three times which was the standard of the day.  We know the story: Jesus goes even further and says 70 times 7.

I was convinced I had already forgiven this person 490 times (if we are using the greek translation) and definitely more than 77 times (Hebrew translation).  So, I grabbed a pen and notepad and proceeded to write the offenses to see if my “offender” had exceeded their maximum allotment for forgiveness.  With pen and paper in hand, the Holy Spirit instantly convicted me.  I knew if I kept track I had never forgiven at all.   I responded by putting the paper down (with tears) and committed to forgiving as often as necessary.

Now, as I am on this journey to fully surrender my heart to the Lord, I realize that surrender is also something I must do frequently, as least as of now.  I noticed the next thing that happened when I committed my whole heart was in very subtle ways, I was tempted to pick “it” back up.

The key for me is to pay attention and to respond to the Holy Spirit’s conviction instead of ignoring or trying to suppress Him.  So far, surrender has led me to joy and that’s where I want to stay.

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“I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!”  John 15:11 NLT

With Love,



I’ve decided NO to the apple

Dear Enemy Of My Soul,

I’m glad I asked you for a little more time to think about your offer.  The suggestion you said would make me happier and my life easier.

Well, while I was thinking it over I heard a small voice say “just trust me”.

I wondered what this really meant since my circumstances seem to require more than just trusting.  This thing in my life appears to need an immediate fix.

Although I  want instant relief from this suffering, I’ve decided to trust him.  So I said yes, even though I have no idea of what will be required.

After I said yes he told me you were lying anyway and you were trying to trick me into thinking I would have what I really wanted, but the truth is you would forever dangle the carrot of release in front of me until you’ve stolen, killed and lied about everything I love.

He also said you weren’t my friend that you are actually the enemy of my soul and you want me to think I have to fix my situation myself, but truth is he has already finished the work to give me victory now and eternally.

So, no, I don’t want any solutions you are offering and I don’t believe the lies you are telling me.  I am not fighting anything anymore, I have decided to be still and watch him fight for me.

Worse for you, I’ve told some of my sisters about what you have been doing and I found out you’ve been doing the same to them.  Now we’ve decided to stand together in unity against you—the real problem in our lives.

We will praise our Father in heaven and encourage each other as we trust his plan for our lives and look forward to our expected end.

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“Rend your hearts not your garments.  Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and relents from sending calamity.  -Joel 2:13 NLT

Loving you,




How to find freedom in hard situations.

The most frustrating thing in life to me is frustration.  My awareness that my peace is being disturbed is equally as frustrating as the circumstance or situation that is affecting me at the time.

My secret issue in life is I have a large family and I never buy enough bathroom tissue.  My cycle of crazy with bathroom tissue is because I hate buying more than I need and I think someone in my house has a secret business that requires the use of lots of bathroom tissue, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, my loving daughter advised me right before bed that we needed more tissue since it was late so I decided to wait until the morning.  So the next morning as I walked towards the door I smelled a funny odor coming from the kitchen because the refrigerator wasn’t cooling as normal.  Ok, that wasn’t expected, but I didn’t have to fret.  I have emergency money, thanks to Dave Ramsey, for times like this.  The bright side, I had a few hours before work and I could get the tissue and price out a new refrigerator before the old one completely broke.

I opened the door to find an inch and a half of ice that covered the entire driveway.  Still not fretting, there has to be ice melt in the garage. Thanks to the grass and weird things I used to prevent myself from falling I found the ice melt and used it to make a path to the car and laid some down the driveway.  It was still very early and no one was up, so my no-tissue in the house had not yet become a catastrophe.  The car slowly starts to slip backward into the road and I try everything to control it to no avail so I say a small prayer and open the door to jump out, but it stops.

In my conquering back up the driveway.  It dawned on me that I would have to give my newly licensed daughter a ride to work because of the road conditions. I tried to ignore the smell as I checked her schedule on the refrigerator calendar.  Our schedules conflicted and meant she would have to wait at work and hour and a half.  I felt my peace slipping away and my frustration with frustration reared its ugly head.  Then I remembered something I read in Cindy Trimm’s book, sometimes you don’t need to fix the situation, you just have to ask God for light.

I said “let there be light” and headed to the shower.  In the bathroom, it dawned on me that I had not asked for divine help in this situation.  I raised up my hand and said a quick prayer with faith that help would come.  Within the 30 minutes I found a roll of tissue that escaped my tissue-thief, my daughter informed me that I was looking at the wrong date on the calendar and she need to be at work an hour before me, and although the refrigerator was not cooling as usual but the smell was coming from a bag of chicken clearly needed to be discarded and I overreacted, the ice was thawing and would thaw completely by the time I had to leave for work.  I came home from work to find two refrigerators. My husband and friend discovered a part needed to be replaced in the fridge and surprised me with a clean but hideous temporary refrigerator until the part came in.  “Lord, let there be more light for patience and tolerance of ugly refrigerators”.

Anyway moral of the story.  As I reflected at the end of the day I felt like the huge elephant who was trained to be tied up to a little tree because he had been that way for a long time. I too had something tied to my ankle:  not knowing when to ask for divine help.  Everyone’s little chain may be different, it has no real power except that it has always been there.  It could be fear of the future, trying to please others, thinking too little of yourself, not seeing ourselves as God sees us, not praying daily, or not trusting God to fulfill his word.  Sometimes the situations are more extreme than a “bad” morning or an ugly fridge.  It would be the loss of a loved one, financial crisis, marriage crisis, illness, illness of a loved one, debilitating pressure from work, or just hopelessness in general.  The solution is always the same asking for awareness and releasing the situation to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

“The Lord himself will fight for you.  Just stay calm” Exodus 14:14 NLT

The Great Exchange

I never want anything bad to happen to me.  However, my savior promised to exchange his beauty for my ashes so even during painful situations I get to behold his beauty.  As I think back about moments in my life when I am keenly aware that Jesus came through for me.  It’s usually not the times when everything is going perfectly that stands out the most.

I was more aware of this great exchange when things were going horribly wrong.  When faced with life and death situations or when bitterness, hopelessness, and depression threatened to overtake me.  Like the day I was standing in a hospice room while my dear friend was slowly slipping away and I could feel my heart painfully cracking with each lazy breath.  I wondered how I would go on in life without her or if I would ever heal from the trauma.  Then the comforter he sent showed up.  In time, I became better than ever and grateful to have known my dear friend.

I remember the day when the doctor office called and said I needed to come in and discuss my test results right away.  I pleaded with him to intervene and he did.  Over the course of several months, the words mighty healer has new meaning to me.

When I was in the delivery room and everyone was panicking and I was keenly aware that this was the point where babies don’t make it and parents are forever ruined. In the midst of beeping hospital machines and urgent conversations among the medical team, I begged for his mercy and he came through.  He reminded me that He is the resurrection and the life. My daughter was born healthy and strong.

When the faced with betrayal and malicious accusations from someone I loved deeply, I didn’t know how or even want to forgive.  Jesus showed up again and led the way, gave me the grace to forgive from my heart, and reminded me to extend the mercy I’ve so freely received.

It’s during these time when he comes to collect my ashes that I am so amazed by his beauty. I could never imagine my life without the circumstances that created a deeper intimacy with my Lord and left me with unspeakable joy.

So, while I don’t want to experience pain, disappointments, failures, betrayal and emotional turmoil.  When my savior shows up and I get to meet him one-on-one and encounter him, to know once and for all that there’s none like him, there’s nothing that he can’t do and there’s nothing the two of us can’t get through together.  Well, I’ve come to know this supersedes any pain or emotional turmoil.

So, I encourage you to hold on because buckets of ashes get turned into buckets of beauty here on earth and eternally.

Be blessed beloved!